Canadian Screen Awards 2013 Nominations List

Canadian Screen Awards 2013

For the first time in history of Canadian Cinema, the Canadian Screen Awards recognize excellence in film, television and digital media productions.

The nominations for the 2013 Canadian Screen Awards have been announced on the official website of Canadian Screen Awards –

The 2013 Canadian Screen Awards Ceremony will take place on 3rd March 2013 and the inaugural award ceremony will be hosted by comedian Martin Short.

The 2013 Canadian Screen Awards Ceremony will be broadcast LIVE from Sony Centre (Toronto) on CBC @ 8pm (8:30 N.T).

Nominations of 2013 Canadian Screen Awards :

Below we have presented select nominations from all the categories.

Full Lists of Nominations : All Film | All Doc | All Television | All Digital Media

Best Motion Picture :

  • “L’Affaire Dumont” Nicole Robert
  • “Inch’Allah” Luc Déry, Kim McCraw
  • “Laurence Anyways” Lyse Lafontaine
  • “Midnight’s Children” David Hamilton
  • “Rebelle / War Witch” Pierre Even, Marie-Claude Poulin
  • “Still Mine” Tamara Deverell, Jody Colero, Avi Federgreen, Michael McGowan

Achievement In Direction :

  • Michael Dowse in “Goon”
  • Xavier Dolan in “Laurence Anyways”
  • Deepa Mehta in “Midnight’s Children”
  • Kim Nguyen in “Rebelle / War Witch”
  • Bernard Émond in “Tout Ce Que Tu Possèdes / All That You Possess”

Performance By An Actor In A Leading Role :

  • James Cromwell in “Still Mine”
  • Patrick Drolet in “Tout Ce Que Tu Possèdes / All That You Possess”
  • Marc-André Grondin in “L’affaire Dumont”
  • David Morse in “Collaborator”
  • Melvil Poupaud in “Laurence Anyways”

Performance By An Actress In A Leading Role :

  • Evelyne Brochu in “Inch’allah”
  • Geneviève Bujold in “Still Mine”
  • Marilyn Castonguay in “L’affaire Dumont”
  • Suzanne Clément in “Laurence Anyways”
  • Rachel Mwanza in “Rebelle / War Witch”

Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role :

  • Jay Baruchel in “Goon”
  • Kim Coates in “Goon”
  • Stephan James in “Home Again”
  • Serge Kanyinda in “Rebelle”
  • Elias Koteas in “Winnie”

Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role :

  • Seema Biswas in “Midnight’s Children”
  • Fefe Dobson in “Home Again”
  • Alice Morel Michaud in “Les Pee Wee3D”
  • Gabrielle Miller in “Moving Day”
  • Sabrina Ouazani in “Inch’allah”

Original Screenplay :

  • Jason Buxton for “Blackbird”
  • Xavier Dolan for “Laurence Anyways”
  • Kim Nguyen for “Rebelle / War Witch”
  • Michael Mcgowan for “Still Mine”
  • Bernard Émond for “Tout Ce Que Tu Possèdes / All That You Possess”

The Bell Media Award for Best Comedy Program or Series :

  • “Good God” (Shaftesbury) Christina Jennings, Ken Finkleman, Scott Garvie, Jan Peter Meyboom
  • “Kenny Hotz Triumph of the Will” (Entertainment One) Kenny Hotz, James Crouch
  • “Less Than Kind” (Breakthrough Entertainment, Buffalo Gal Pictures) Ira Levy, Marvin Kaye, Phyllis Laing, Mark McKinney, Chris Sheasgreen, Paula Smith, Peter Williamson
  • “Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays” (Rhombus Media Inc.) Niv Fichman, Sari Friedland, Bob Martin, Don McKellar
  • “Mr. D” (Topsail Productions Ltd, Mr. D S1 Productions Ltd., Mr. D S1 Ontario Productions. Lt) Gerry Dee, Michael Volpe

Best Direction in a Comedy Program or Series :

  • Sheri Elwood for “Call Me Fitz” – Hell Hath No Drink Limit
  • Ken Finkleman for “Good God” – One Station Under God
  • Kelly Makin for “Less Than Kind” – Fugue State
  • Patricia Rozema for “Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays” – Ridicule
  • Craig David Wallace for “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil” – Black Tie Showdowne

Best Writing in a Comedy Program or Series :

  • Jenn Engels for “Less Than Kind” – Reparations and Renewal
  • Mark McKinney, Garry Campbell for “Less Than Kind” – March Fourth
  • Mark McKinney for “Less Than Kind” – Play it Again, Same
  • Charles Picco for “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil” – Two Girls, One Tongue
  • Matt Watts for “Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays” – Bridges

Best Dramatic Series :

  • “Arctic Air” (Omni Film Productions Limited) Ian Weir, Michael Chechik, Gary Harvey, Gabriela Schonbach
  • “Bomb Girls” (Back Alley Film Productions Ltd., Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Back Alley Films) Janis Lundman, Michael MacLennan, Adrienne Mitchell, Michael Prupas
  • “Continuum” (Timely Productions Inc.) Simon Barry, Tom Rowe, Patrick Williams
  • “Flashpoint”(Flashpoint Season IV Productions Inc.) Anne Marie La Traverse, Bill Mustos
  • “King” (Indian Grove Productions Ltd.) Bernard Zukerman, Greg Spottiswood

Best Direction in a Dramatic Series :

  • Jon Cassar for “Continuum” – A Stitch in Time
  • Jim Donovan for “Flashpoint” – A Day In The Life
  • Laurie Lynd for “Murdoch Mysteries” – Dead End Street
  • Adrienne Mitchell for “Bomb Girls” – Jumping Tracks
  • Kari Skogland “The Listener” – She Sells Sanctuary

Best Writing in a Dramatic Series :

  • Emily Andras for “Lost Girl” – Into the Dark
  • Simon Barry for “Continuum” – A Stitch in Time
  • Aubrey Nealon for “Flashpoint” – Day Game
  • Greg Nelson for “Rookie Blue” – A Good Shoot
  • Jana Sinyor, Aaron Martin “Being Erica” – Dr. Erica

Best Cross-Platform Project – Children’s and Youth :

  • “Finding Stuff Out Online” (Smiley Guy Studios)
  • “Franklin and Friends Interactive” (Watch More TV Interactive Inc.)
  • “In Real Life Interactive” (Secret Location)
  • “My Babysitter’s a Vampire Interactive: Humans vs. Vampires” (Secret Location, Fresh TV Inc.)
  • “Pillars of Freedom Interactive” (Smiley Guy Studios, Nexus Media)

Best Cross-Platform Project – Fiction :

  • “Bomb Girls Interactive” (Secret Location, Shaw Media)
  • “Drunk and on Drugs the Happy Funtime Hour – Digital” (Happy Funtime Productions 2007 Inc.)
  • “Murdoch Mysteries: The Curse of the Lost Pharaohs” (Smokebomb Entertainment / Shaftesbury)
  • “Rookie Blue: The Interrogation Room” (Secret Location)
  • “Titanic – The Ultimate Immersive Experience” (Chocolate Liberation Front, Lookout Point, ITV Studios, Bell Fund, Sienna Films)

Best Cross-Platform Project – Non-Fiction :

  • “#FAQMP” (Stornoway Communications)
  • “8th Fire – Digital” (CBC)
  • “D-Day to Victory Interactive” (Secret Location)
  • “Kidnapped: The Search for Graham McMynn” (CBC News, the fifth estate, Sean Embury, Fulscrn)
  • “Truth & Lies: The Last Days of Osama bin Laden” (CBC News, the fifth estate, Sean Embury, Fulscrn Digital Media Communications)

 Congratulations to all Nominees…