Narali Purnima – Coconut Day Festival on 7 August 2017

Narali Purnima (Narial Pournami) also known as the Coconut Day Festival is a regional festival celebrated in Maharashtra on the Shravan Purnima. It coincides with the Raksha Bandhan festival.

Narali Purnima - Coconut Day Festival 2017

Narali Purnima is also celebrated in parts of Gujarat and Goa.

In 2017, Narali Purnima will be celebrated on 7th August 2017.

Coconut Day festival or Narali Purnima is mainly celebrated by the fishing community who consider this day as the beginning of the fishing season. On this day, an offering of a coconut (naral in Marathi) is made to the sea and fishermen offer their prayers for their safety to the Samudra (Sea God) and Varuna Deva (Rain God).

Sweets are distributed on the occasion of Narali Purnima.

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