Mumbai Monsoon 2012 : High Tide Levels this Monsoon

Mumbai Water Logging Photo

Monsoon in around the corner. Once again Mumbaikars are searching for High Tide levels.

There are 14 days to be watch out this monsoon in Mumbai, when high tide level is above 4.6 metres.

This will definitely scare many residents of Mumbai who had faced severe floods on 26th July 2005.

Please find below table of High tide days with respective height of high tide and time of high tide.

Date Time Height of Tide in Metres
June 3 11.09 am 4.68 m
June 4 11.56 am 4.89 m
June 5 12.42 pm 4.99 m
June 6 1.27 pm 4.97 m
June 7 2.11 pm 4.85 m
June 8 2.55 pm 4.65 m
July 3 11.46 pm 4.73 m
July 4 12.30 pm 4.85 m
July 5 1.12 pm 4.87 m
July 6 1.52 pm 4.80 m
July 7 2.30 pm 4.64 m
August 2 12.13 pm 4.68 m
August 3 12.50 pm 4.71 m
August 4 1.26 pm 4.66 m

In case of Mumbai city, very heavy rains in conjunction with very high tides can cause flooding as sea water flows inland through the storm water drains, especially in Mumbai suburbs where the nullah outlets don’t have gates that can be closed. Also the outlets of the drains are closed during high tide so water cannot drain into sea.

To View Daily High Tide and Low Tide Level in Mumbai Visit below mentioned link :

There are several areas in Mumbai which suffer water loggin during each and every monsson. These include areas like JVPD scheme, Four Bungalows, Seven Bungalows, Versova around Juhu and Slater Road (Grant Road), Nana Chowk, Tardeo, Mumbai Central, Saat Rasta near Mahalaxmi, King’s Circle in Matunga, Hindmata, Milan Subway in Santa Cruz and Kurla Surve chowk, etc.