4th June 2012 Lunar Eclipse – Chandra Grahan Live Streaming – Slooh Camera

Partial Lunar Eclipse - 4 June 2012 Live Streaming

The first lunar eclipse (chandra grahan) will take place on 4th June 2012. It will be a partial lunar eclipse.

This lunar eclipse will be completely visible over Australia and New Zealand, rising over eastern Asia and setting over western North America. New England and eastern Canada will miss the entire eclipse since the event begins after moon set in those regions.

UTC Timing of 4th June 2012 Lunar Eclipse :

Penumbral eclipse starts – 08:48:09 UT
Partial eclipse starts – 09:59:53 UT
Greatest eclipse – 11:03:13 UT
Partial eclipse ends – 12:06:30 UT
Penumbral eclipse ends – 13:18:17 UT

Live Streaming of this lunar eclipse will be available on following websites –

http://www.wired.com/ (with Audio Commentary)

Also visit Ustream.com for live streaming of June 2012 Lunar Eclipse.

Other Live Telecast Possibilities of Lunar Eclipse June 2012 :

NASA TV, Fox News, CNN, The Telegraph (UK), NDTV, Times Now, Aaj Tak, India TV and many other regional channels in India might also live telecast the event.