1st May – May Day – Labour Day 2012 SMS, Quotes, Greeting, Wishes and Wallpapers

May Day 2012 Wallpaper

1st May is celebrated as International Labour Day or Workers Day in many parts of the world. It is a national holiday in many countries.

May Day has become an international celebration of the social and economic achievements of the labour movement.

Please find below 1st May – May Day – Labour Day 2012 SMS, Greeting, Wishes and Wallpapers :

God give me work, till my life shall end
And life, till my work is done.
Happy May Day.


Let’s celebrate the labor
That built up this great land
From field to field to desk to desk
They built it hand in hand
Happy labour day..

May Day - Workers Day - Labour Day - 1st May 2012 Greetings

Property is the fruit of labor; property is desirable; it is a positive good in the world.


A lot of what passes for depression these days is nothing more than a body saying that it needs work.