Tamil New Year – Puthandu Puja Process

Tamil Puthandu Puja Process :

The Tamil speaking people across the globe celebrate ‘Varsha Pirappu’ or ‘Puthandu Vazthukal’, the Tamil New Year, in mid-April. It is the 1st day of Chithirai, the first month in the traditional Tamil calendar. The day dawns by observing Kanni or viewing auspicious things such as gold, silver, jewelry, new clothes, new calendar, mirror, rice, coconuts, fruits, vegetables, betel leaves, and other fresh farm products.

On the Puthandu, every household is thoroughly cleaned and tastefully decorated – the doorways are garlanded with mango leaves strung together and Vilakku Kolam decorative patterns adorn the floors. Donning new clothes, the family members gather and light a traditional lamp, the kuthu vilakku, and fill niraikudum, a short-necked brass bowl with water and embellish it with mango leaves while chanting prayers. Then they visit neighboring temples to offer prayers to the deity. Traditional Puthandu meal consists of pachadi – a mixture of jaggery, chillies, salt, neem leaf or flowers, and tamarind; green banana and jackfruit preparation and a variety of sweet ‘payasam’ dessert.