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Indian Railways is the state-owned railway company of India, which owns and operates most of the country’s rail transport. It is overseen by the Ministry of Railways of the Government of India.

Indian Railways has one of the largest and busiest rail networks in the world, transporting over 18 million passengers and more than 2 million tonnes of freight daily. It is the world’s largest commercial or utility employer, with more than 1.4 million employees.

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Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC)

With help of IRCTC, booking railway tickets has become very convenient. Create a Account on IRCTC Website – Log into that account, search for the right train, or select the source and destination and book a Internet Ticket (iticket) or Electronic Ticket (eticket).

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Internet Ticket (iticket) is a Ticket booked on Internet which is delivered to your Home. For further Information on Internet Ticket Visit –

Electronic Ticket (eticket) is a Ticket booked and Printed Online. In this you yourself print the ERS (Electronic reservation Slip). For further Information on Electronic Ticket Visit –

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