Valentine’s Week 2018 : Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day , Valentine’s Day

In 2018, the Valentine week starts from 7th February 2018 and ends on 14th February 2018. It is an occasion for all lovers to express and celebrate their love and affection towards their lover.

Valentine’s Week 2018 Dates –

7th February 2018 : Rose Day
8th February 2018 : Propose Day
9th February 2018 : Chocolate Day
10th February 2018 : Teddy Day
11th February 2018 : Promise Day
12th February 2018 : Hug Day
13th February 2018 : Kiss Day
14th February 2018 : Valentine Day

Rose Day :

The Rose Day marks the start of the Valentine’s Week. It is celebrated on 7th February. It is the day on which large number of youngsters give roses to propose their girlfriend or boyfriend.

On this day, fragrance of roses envelops the atmosphere.

Propose Day:

As the name suggests, on this day you can propose to the girl / boy that you have a crush on. Gift your lovers a special gift or card or flowers. It is celebrated on 8th February.

Chocolate Day :

February 9th is dedicated to chocolates. On this day you can surprise your girlfriend or wife/partner with the Swiss chocolate and a nice card. A warm chocolate dessert is the best way to please your woman and it also can increase her Sexual Libido. It’s sweetness will surely enhance the charm in your relation.

Teddy Day:

Teddy day is celebrated on 10th February. On this day you can send a teddy that ‘bears’ your love to your wife / partner, friends and loved ones. Women likes teddy bears very much, and they always keep them in their bedroom with good memories.  So, Don’t forget to gift your partner with a soft toy.

Promise Day:

February 11th is the day for making everlasting promises. Its time to make that everlasting pledge/promise and then keep them for a lifetime…

Hug Day :

Hug Day is celebrated on 12th February. On this day, Hug your partner or friend tightly. Hugs are an important expression of affection. Just take it slow and steady and show your partner that you love, care and support him/her.

Kiss Day :

A Kiss is the best way of expressing your love to someone. Kiss’ Day is celebrated on 13th February, i.e., the eve of Valentines day. On this day, kiss your girl friend or someone passionately to express your love. And don’t forget to eat some mouth freshener! just kidding….

Valentine Day

On Valentine Day, i.e., 14th February, show your love to your partner, spend time with them. Eat, Drink – do whatever you want to do to make them happy. Make this special day a memorable moment of your life. Express your by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018