Andaman’s Jarawa Tribe Woman Semi Naked Dance Photos and Video

These days Jarawa Tribes of Andaman Nicobar Islands are in limelight for a video which shows them being exploited. The video obtained by a British reporter who wrote an article on “trusting members of the Jarawa tribe being exploited by tourist safaris” shows naked tribal women dancing for food.

The Observer, a Sunday paper that belongs to the Guardian Media Group, claims that the video shows a local policeman ordering the semi-naked Jarawa women to dance after bribing them with food.

In the video posted on the newspaper’s website, there seem to be several voices telling the women to dance, but none of them is visible on-screen, as the camera remains focussed on the women.

The video has outraged Indian authorities. Tribal affairs minister KC Deo described the video as “obnoxious” and “disgusting”.

Authorities on India’s Andamans archipelago have been asked to explain a video showing naked tribal women dancing for food.

The Jarawas are a hunter-gatherer tribe with about 400 members who live in the reserve forests of south Andaman and have only started interacting with outsiders since the late 1990s.

Please find below Photos and Videos of Andaman’s Jarawa Tribe Woman Dancing in Semi Naked Condition :