Pongal Kolam Design Patterns : Photos & Wallpapers

Pongal Kolam Designs : Pongal is the four day harvest festival celebrated in state of Tamil Nadu. During pongal you will see beautiful kolam (rangoli) drawn in front of houses and shops.

Kolams are generally drawn using white and colored powders.

Kolam is known by different names in different states of India. It is known as Rangoli is Maharashtra and Karnataka, Muggulu in Andhra Pradesh and Puvidal in Kerala. It is known as Sanjhi in Uttar Pradesh, Alpana in Bengal, Mandana in Rajasthan, Chaukpurna in Madhya Pradesh.

Significance of Drawing a Kolam :

Kolam not only looks aesthetic but also symbolizes happiness and prosperity. SOmetimes rice flour powders are used for drawing kolam. The Kolam and the bright red border or kaavi enclosing it are also believed to prevent evil and undesirable elements from entering the houses.

Drawing Pongal Kolam

On the day of Pongal, family members jointly draw the kolam with rice flour that can be plain as well as colored. A kolam can be a plain one or can be artistically drawn with symbols of cosmic interest. The kolam defines the sacred area where the Pongal is prepared.

Within the perimeters of kolam, typically, firewood is used to cook the rice. The Pongal is set up in the direct view of the Sun (East). Traditionally, the kolam is laid in the front or side of the house, but in cold climes where cooking indoors with firewood is hazardous, the Pongal can be prepared in kitchen and brought to the location where kolam is set up.

Please find below Pongal Kolam Design Photos and Pictures :

pongal kolam design wallpapers

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pongal kolam design

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