Penguins at Mumbai’s Byculla Zoo : EXCLUSIVE Photos & Videos

Good news for Mumbaikar’s who had been waiting since last few months for having a glimpse of the Humboldt Penguins brought to Mumbai.

Today, 7 Humboldt Penguins were finally shifted to their permanent home at Mumbai’s Byculla Zoo.

Penguins at Byculla Zoo

The inauguration of the Penguin Exhibition Centre – their permanent home took place today and soon general public will be allowed to view these penguins which are normally found in Chile and Peru.

Mumbai’s only Zoo is also known as Ranichi Baug or Veer Jijamata Udyan.

Eight Humboldt penguins were brought from Chile and Peru in July last year one of which died few months back.

The seven penguins now – three males and four females have now been put up on display in a large tank.

From tomorrow, i.e., March 18, general public can view them but for readers of we have exclusive first look photos and videos of these penguins at Mumbai’s Byculla Zoo.

The birds have been kept in a specially designed enclosure which is large enough to accommodate a chilling system that will maintain the temperature inside from 12 to 14 degree Celsius.

Currently these 7 penguins are 1 – 2 years old and their current height is 12 – 15 centimeters and currently weigh around 1 – 2.5 kgs. When they will be fully grown, they will be around 65 – 70 cms tall and will weigh around 4 – 6 kgs.

Good news is that currently you can watch these penguins by paying nominal entry fee of the zoo which is only Rs. 5

Photos of 7 Humboldt Penguins at Mumbai’s Byculla Zoo :

Video of 7 Humboldt Penguins at Mumbai’s Byculla Zoo :

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