Adsense Error : Today’s Earnings Zero Google Adsense Suffers Outage

UPDATE : (2:26 PM GMT) Now things are Normal, Data being shown !

Breaking news of the moment comes from the world of Internet where Google Adsense has had an Outage or Call it Adsense Error which is causing a nightmare for many Bloggers and giving them scary goosebumps….

Adsense Suffers Outage / Adsense Error : Today’s Estimated Earnings Zero Google 

Adsense Zero Earnings Today - 26 January 2017 Outage

Today if happened to login to your Adsense Publishers Account to check your earnings or other statistics then you might have seen a big fat “ZERO” in today’s earnings performance record and might be thinking if you have been banned… but don’t worry, you are not alone.

Not just earnings but ad views are also zero ….

If you notice, you will see ads showing on all your blogs and websites and Google Analytics also showing traffic, it some kind of Outage at Google…

Bloggers have took Facebook, Twitter in search for what has happened…

Some blogger recommended to check Google Adsense for Mobile as he got to see Data There ….

Don’t worry ! All will be Normal Soon !!!

Such Outage is not that uncommon, but today’s outage seems to have been going on for at least several hours, which is not really normal.

As of now, Google has not yet commented on the issue, but be rest assured, you are not alone. It is 99.9999% a reporting glitch and you don’t need to worry.

Adsense Reporting Broken – Thursday 01-26-2017 – Adsense Earnings Stuck at Zero Reports icantinternet

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If you are facing the same error, please let us know by commenting below …

UPDATE : (2:26 PM GMT) Now things are Normal, Data being shown !