Rastriya Matdata Divas – National Voters Day on 25 January

National Voters Day - January 25

In order to encourage young voters to take part in the political process, Government of India has decided to celebrate January 25 every year as National Voters Day (Hindi: राष्ट्रीय मतदाता दिवस).

The first ever Rastriya Matdata Divas – National Voters’ Day was celebrated on 25th January 2011 after a meeting of the Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had approved a Law Ministry proposal to this effect.

On this day all new voters would be provided with a badge with its logo “Proud to be a voter – Ready to vote”.

This initiative in form of National Voters Day is expected to give the youth a sense of responsible citizenship, empowerment, pride and participation and inspire them to exercise their newly acquired franchise, when occasion arises.